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Compact Cosmopolitan Sun Umbrella

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A high quality, compact and elegant sun umbrella, that will help you protect your skin without giving you hat-hair.

This folding sun umbrella folds to just 35cms (13.5 inches), fitting conveniently into your handbag when not in use. ​

  • UPF rating of fabric: UPF50+ 
  • % of UV rays blocked by fabric: ~98% 
  • Fabric: Cotton blend 
  • Handle: Wood 
  • Mechanism: Manual 
  • Ribs: Metal/Fibreglass 
  • Open length: 60 cm (23.6 inches) 
  • Folded length: 35cm (13.5 inches) 
  • Open diameter: 93cm (36.6 inches) 
  • Weight: 290 grams (10.2 ounces) 
  • Designed in Australia, made in China.

Why our customers love it

This UV sun umbrella is the result of feedback from many of our customers. You wanted an elegant and wind resistant sun umbrella, that also fitted into their handbags when not in use. You asked for a wrist strap and a better shaped bag, so we added those to this design.

UPF50+ rating: Enhanced with a sun blocker to provide UPF50+ protection, which will keep you cooler and protect your skin, without giving you hat-hair.

Rain resistant: The sun blocker also causes water to bead off the canopy, so your parasol will protect you if you get caught in the rain.

Comfortable to hold: Teardrop shared wooden handle, for a comfortable grip.

Durable: A high quality mechanism and fibreglass ribs, for a durable and long lasting sun umbrella.

Stylish: The canopy is made from a cotton blend fabric to differentiate its appearance from a rain umbrella and evoke a Summery vibe.

Wind resistant vent: Wind vent built into the canopy, to allow any breeze to dissipate ensuring that your sun umbrella will not invert.

Perfectly sized: The open canopy diameter (93cm or 36.6 inches) is slightly larger than our other products.  It can be angled to maximise your shade to protect your upper body, whilst being unobtrusive in a crowd.

Ideal for carry-on luggage: The folded length of the parasol (35cm or 13.5 inches) will fit inside luggage or handbags, making it ideal for travellers and ladies on the move.

Lightweight: Weighs just 290 grams, making it comfortable to hold for any length of time.

Carry bag: Includes a matching carry bag, to protect the sun umbrella and make it easy to carry when not in use.


UPF rating: 50+

% of UV rays blocked: Over 98%

Fabric: Cotton blend

Handle: Wood

Mechanism: Manual

Ribs: Fibreglass

Open length:  60cm (23.6 inches)

Folded length: 35cm (13.5 inches)

Open diameter: 93cm (36.6 inches)

Weight: 290 grams (10.2 ounces)

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    John B.
    Australia Australia


    Unique and very good quality :-)

    Michael B.
    Australia Australia

    Sunbella UV protection

    Great. My wife said it stops the UV rays so she uses it every afternoon on her walks. The vent is great because the umbrella doesn't flip inside out in gusty conditions.

    Jenny S.
    Australia Australia

    Brilliant Product

    I have recently had a basal cell carcinoma cut out of my scalp ( it’s the only area I could not apply SPF 50+). This product allows me to have sun protection without the need of a hat (I suffer from hat hair and overheating). The Sunbella, fits in my bag and is my constant companion. Thank you Jillian and Casey. Jenny Qld

    Trish D.
    Australia Australia

    Compact Sun Umbrella

    Fantastic umbrella. Easy to use and store. Would buy another if it came in a darker colour. Thanks for providing a great range of quality products. I hope to purchase one of the shawls soon.

    Australia Australia

    Beautiful and functional sun protection

    I bought the Sunbella compact a month ago- I walk my children to and from school, 40min per day. White - not a great colour for me with young children, I’m careful with it, I’m happy to report it’s still clean and white. Compact - folds well. Short stick makes it easy to manage. Wind-resistant - um.... it gets blown around in a gust, and turns inside-out, but is easy to right. I The Sunbella gives a reasonable response to walking with some wind around. Still better than my other rain umbrellas in the wind. Sun protection - the Sunbella is cooler to walk under.

    Helen M.
    Australia Australia

    Very Stylish

    I love the ease of use of this pretty umbrella. It keeps my head cool and my face out of the sun.

    Deborah P.
    Australia Australia

    Love love my sunbella

    I already have a blue sunbella that I use every time I go to the beach. I now have the white folding travel sunbella which I wish I had purchased before a recent trip to Mexico as they don’t have any parasols and believe me I tried to get one. They need your Sunbellas there for sure! Many thanks for a fantastic product. Deborah Also many people come up to me at the beach and ask about it.I think you could sell them at beaches quite easily.

    Jillian H.
    Australia Australia

    Great product and service

    Love my parasol, fits easily into my bag so carry it with me all the time ready for use. Have already recommended it to my friends

    Miss C.
    Australia Australia

    Why I love my sunbella!!!

    Excellent. I like the air vent in the top as this helps on a dry windy day.

    Clare G.
    Australia Australia

    Extremely happy

    Great product. Arrived promptly and wonderful company to deal with. The one a chose is a folding version. Perfect to carry however I think I will need a wider canopy one too

    Sharon D.
    Australia Australia

    Great product

    Bought specifically for the Australian Open & beyond & it served me well in the extremely hot conditions in Melbourne. Hats tend to make me hot where as this does not interfere with airflow around your head

    Emma P.
    Australia Australia

    Lovely lightweight protection.

    Love using this umbrella. It is very lightweight and easy to hold for an extended period of time. I would love it if some thought was given to a masculine version for men so hubby can have protection too!

    Glenda W.
    Australia Australia

    Excellent for Rockhampron Summer -

    Excellent for Rockhampron Summer - have even used it in the rain

    Zena B.
    Australia Australia

    Best Umbrella for rain or shine

    We bought this Umbrella for my Mum who often walks in the sun. She absolutely loves it. It is light, and perfect for keeping out the sun and the heat. And we love the little vent at the top. A classy, perfect umbrella. Thank you.

    Dawn F.
    Australia Australia

    Goodbye to hat hair!

    I love my compact parasol. No more hat hair, no more holding onto my hat when it’s blowing a gale and no more sunscreen for my décolletage. Wish I’d picked one up earlier. A work colleague recommended Sunbella and I’m continuing to spread the word. Thank you Jillian and Casey

    Raphael Y.
    Australia Australia

    Provides good everyday sun protection

    The umbrella is quite light and provides good sun protection. If it can be folded a little bit smaller to fit in my smaller bags, that will be perfect.