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Compact UV Umbrella. UPF50+. Kimberley Beach Sand, All Seasons Collection

Enjoy stylish protection anytime, anywhere and in any weather, with this compact All Seasons UV Umbrella in Beach Sand design.

- Stunning limited edition Beach Sand design.
- Unique UPF50+ canopy with anti-UV coating blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays.
- Cooler than a hat (plus no hat-hair), with a generous 100cm wide canopy. 
- Handle is 60cm long when extended and folds to just 30cm long.
- Weighs 470grams, making it more sturdy than other flimsy folding umbrellas.
- Waterproof to protect you year-round.
- Stylish and strong 16-rib fibreglass frame for wind resistance and durability.
- Compact three-fold manual design fits in your handbag.
- Elastic wrist strap.
- Designed in Australia to provide elegant, year-round protection.

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    UV Umbrellas and Sun Parasols that help you feel comfortably cool, and protect your skin from 98% of UV rays.

    Australian Designed + Owned

    Local family business Perth, WA

    UPF50+ Rating

    Save your skin with this unique high-density satin fabric canopy, which blocks 98% of UV rays.


    Designed to last, lightweight and durable.


    Cooler than a hat, with more shade and less hat-hair.


    Comfortable to hold

    You asked, we listened

    You asked for "UPF50+ protection AND rain protection, that isn't 'glary' in full sun"

    These umbrellas have a unique canopy with a coating that blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays and is also waterproof. Choose from black, beige, silver or light pink on top, and stunning prints underneath.

    You asked for; "A broader canopy for more protection."

    A generous 100cm wide canopy will provide you with a larger shade footprint and provide better protection from the rain.

    You asked for; "A wrist strap for convenience."

    An elastic wrist strap is sleek and fits all wrists without adding extra bulk.

    You asked for; "A stronger design for windy conditions."

    This stylish and strong 16-rib fibreglass frame is uniquely wind resistant and durable.  It's rose gold in colour.

    You asked for "Something that will fit in my handbag".

    The compact three-fold manual design is easier to open and close than automatic models (which can be difficult to close), and fold to just 28.5cm to fit in your handbag.

    You asked for "designs that are fun and bright", "an umbrella that's summery" and "something neutral."

    Available in four stunning designs, all with a rose gold frame and wooden handle.

    What is the best uv sun umbrella for me?

    Firstly, all Sun Bella UV Umbrellas and UV Parasols are all rated UPF50+, meaning they block at least 98% of UV rays - so they all offer the highest possible sun protection.

    There are three styles of Sun Bella parasols to choose from.

    1) Compact All Seasons Sun Parasols

    These parasols fold down to fit into your hand bag and have the widest canopy.  They are convenient, offer serious sun protection and also rain protection. They are heavy-duty, not light and flimsy like other folding umbrellas. 

    2) Telescopic All Seasons Sun Parasols

    This range has a silk canopy and a telescopic handle which halves the size of the handle but not the canopy. 



    3) Stick Style Sun Parasols

    "Stick-style" means that they don't fold down at all, they have a wooden handle which is very elegant. 


    Why are there two handle sizes in the stick-style range?

    Stick-style parasols are available in two sizes to cater for women of all heights, tall and small. Women under 160cm tall (5'2") find the short handle more comfortable. Taller women (over 160cm) prefer the longer handle. 



    Which colour provides the best sun protection?

    All Sun Bella products have been rated UPF50+ which is the highest possible UPF rating. 

    The colour of different fabrics can enhance or detract from the UV blocking effectiveness of some fabrics. However, all Sun Bella fabrics are so tightly woven that the colour does not affect the UPF rating of our parasols. 

    Will these parasol protect me from the rain?

    The new All Seasons range of UV Umbrellas are suitable for rain and sun.

    Our Cosmopolitan range of parasols are rain resistant. The sun blocker treatment, applied to the fabric, causes water to bead off the canopy. However, they have a slightly smaller canopy than a rain umbrella as they are designed primarily as a sun umbrella - they can be angled to maximise your shade to protect your upper body, whilst being unobtrusive in a crowd.

    Will I feel cooler under a Sun Bella parasol?

    Absolutely.  The fabric on all of our parasols has been rated UPF50+ by the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Protection Authority.
    The unique, tightly woven fabric is enhanced with a sun blocker to provide UPF50+ protection, helping you stay cooler and protect your skin at the same time.
    Wind vent built into the canopy, to allow any breeze to dissipate ensuring that your sun umbrella will not invert.

    Are sun parasols comfortable to hold?

    The teardrop shaped wooden handle allows for a comfortable grip.  They are lightweight too, weighing just 250-320 grams (depending on the style) making them comfortable to hold for any length of time.
    Plus your parasol comes with a matching carry bag, to protect the sun umbrella and make it easy to carry when not in use.

    How big are they?

    The parasols are perfectly sized - slightly smaller than a rain umbrella, it's smaller size makes it sleek and unobtrusive in a crowd. The smaller diameter works well in more crowded situations, so that you're not hitting people in the head or jabbing eyes.

    Canopy Diameter:

    All Seasons range = 85cm.

    Stick-style Cosmopolitan = 85cm.

    Compact Cosmopolitan = 100cm 

    I already have a rain umbrella, can’t I just use that?

    A standard rain umbrella, made from regular black pongee fabric has a UPF rating of just UPF15. Your uv umbrella / uv parasol should specify on the tag that it has a UPF50+ rating to ensure that the maximum % of UV rays are blocked.

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