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City Luxe Sun Umbrella - White

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  • The compact elegant sun umbrella, for ladies on the move. This folding sun umbrella folds to just 32cms (12.5 inches), fitting conveniently into your handbag when not in use.
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    1. ​UPF rating: 50+
    2. % of UV rays blocked: Over 98%
    3. Fabric: Cotton blend
    4. Handle: Clear plastic
    5. Mechanism: Manual
    6. Ribs: Metal/Fibreglass
    7. Open length: 53 cm (21 inches)
    8. Folded length: 32cm (12.5 inches)
    9. Open diameter: 83cm (33 inches)
    10. Weight: 275 grams (9.5 ounces)
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- The City Luxe Sun Umbrella is classic white in colour, to complement all outfits.

- Folds to just 32cms (12.5 inches) to fit conveniently into your handbag when not in use.

- Embellished with a genuine Swarovski crystal embellishment on the handle, making it a lovely gift for a friend, loved one or for yourself.

- The canopy is made from a cotton blend fabric, to differentiate its appearance from a rain umbrella and evoke a Summery vibe.

- Enhanced with a sun blocker to provide UPF50+ protection, which will keep you cooler and protect your skin, without giving you hat-hair. The sun blocker also causes water to bead off the canopy, so your parasol will protect you if you get caught in the rain.

- Flexible fibreglass spokes to maximise wind resistance.

- Wind vent built into the canopy, to allow any breeze to dissipate ensuring that your sun umbrella will not invert.

- Small clear solid plastic handle, to keep the size of the parasol as small as possible so it will fit into your handbag.

- Quality mechanism, for a durable and long lasting sun umbrella.

- The open canopy diameter (83cm or 33 inches) is the perfect size for a sun umbrella. It can be angled to maximise your shade to protect your upper body, whilst being unobtrusive in a crowd.

- The full length of the open parasol (53cm or 21 inches), which is comfortable to hold.

- Weighs just 270 grams, making it comfortable to hold for any length of time.

- Includes a matching carry bag with strap, to protect the sun umbrella and make it easy to carry when not in use.

Customer Review

"So happy to be able to order this item and have it delivered to my home in NYC so quickly.. I have been eyeing these sun umbrellas ever since I peeped them on Emma Bett's 'Dear Melanoma' blog and her FB page which I still follow - She introduced me to this brand. Her legacy lives on and I will be protected from the harsh sun this summer thanks to Emma :) I am thinking of ordering a second for my 7 year old son who has sensory issues and is super sensitive to bright light - would be nice for walks around Manhattan. Also need one for my mother to keep her sun safe. Will be back to order again soon thank you."

Anna, New York City, US.

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