Duchess Sun Parasol - White Embellished with Seagull Motif

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  • An elegant sun parasol, for ladies who value style as much as effective protection, with the added touch of a Seagull embellishment in shiny stones. This “stick” style of sun parasol is modelled on the custom parasol that Sunbella designed for the Duchess of Cornwall. The sun parasol was the official gift from the State of Western Australia to the Duchess on her Royal Visit to Perth in 2015.
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    1. UPF rating of fabric: UPF50+
    2. % of UV rays blocked by fabric: ~98%
    3. Fabric: Cotton blend
    4. Handle: Wood
    5. Mechanism: Manual
    6. Ribs: Fibreglass
    7. Open length: 58 cm (23 inches)
    8. Folded length: 58cm (23 inches)
    9. Open diameter: 80cm (31.5 inches)
    10. Weight: 250 grams (9 ounces)
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Sun Parasol Details

- Classic white in colour, to complement all outfits, with a little bit of "bling". The seagull motif is embossed in diamonte-style stones that reflect and shine in the sunlight.

- The canopy made from a cotton blend fabric, to differentiate its appearance from a rain umbrella and evoke a Summery vibe.

- Includes a matching carry bag with strap, to protect the sun umbrella and making it easy to carry when not in use.

- Teardrop shared wooden handle, for a comfortable grip.

- Enhanced with a sun blocker to provide UPF50+ protection, which will keep you cooler and protect your skin, without giving you hat-hair. The sun blocker also causes water to bead off the canopy, so your parasol will protect you if you get caught in the rain.

- Wind vent built into the canopy, to allow any breeze to dissipate ensuring that your sun umbrella will not invert.

- Quality mechanism and fibreglass ribs, for a durable and long lasting sun umbrella.

- Stunning and unique straight canopy, which allow the breeze to pass straight across rather than get caught in the curve of a rain umbrella.

- The open canopy diameter (80cm or 31.5 inches) is the perfect size for a sun umbrella. It can be angled to maximise your shade to protect your upper body, whilst being unobtrusive in a crowd.

- The full length of the parasol (58cm or 23 inches) will fit inside luggage, making it ideal for travellers.

- Weighs just 250 grams, making it comfortable to hold for any length of time.​