Sun Umbrella and Sun Parasol Care Guide

Sunbella sun umbrellas/parasols are durable, high quality anti UV products, which are largely resistant to stains and marking.

We know that they stand the test of time. Our "hire" parasols have been used almost every weekend for over 5 years. When stains or marks occur, we clean them following the process below to ensure they are in pristine condition for our next client.

To keep your Sunbella sun umbrella beautiful for longer follow these care and warranty instructions:

Cleaning advice:
If dirt or marks occur, rinse with hot water and mild detergent.
Difficult stains may need to be soaked overnight.
Dry your parasol with canopy open.
Bleach may be applied to white canopies.
Do not rub excessively.

Care advice:
Store your parasol within it’s cover, to prevent marks when not in use.
Do not store wet.