Sun Parasol Sizing Guide

What is the best uv sun umbrella for me?

Compact or "stick-style"?

Firstly, all Sunbella UV Umbrellas and UV Parasols are all rated UPF50+, meaning they block at least 98% of UV rays - so whichever parasol you select, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible protection.

Some of our parasols are "stick-style" - meaning that they don't fold down, but are very elegant.  If you're looking for an elegant solution, view our stick style sun parasols. 

Our other parasols fold down to fit into your hand bag.  If convenience is your thing, check out our Compact Cosmopolitan sun umbrellas. 

Which sized handle?

Stick-style parasols are available in two sizes. Women under 160cm tall (5'2") find the short handle more comfortable. Taller women (over 160cm) prefer the longer handle.